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Subtle Signs Your Partner is Falling Out of Love: 7 Signs

Although it may be difficult to contemplate a future without the person we love, our partner, some relationships will come to an end. However, before a relationship ends there are always signs that one partner or both are no longer investigated in the relationship. Unfortunately, for some the signs that a partner is falling out of love is not seen or acknowledged until the relationship ends. Thus, just like most things in life, there are signs that a partner may be falling out of love with you, but, recognition is the first step in accepting what is to come.

Potential Signs your partner may be falling out of love with you include:

  • He/she no longer makes time for you or the relationship. When two people are in love, they make time for each other and the relationship. However, when a partner is “checking out of or has checked out of” the relationship he/she becomes extremely busy. He/she will find any excuse or reason not to spend time with you and they avoid talking about the relationship (elephant in the room).

  • He/she becomes irritated when you want to discuss future planning. This is an important sign to recognize as your partner is telling you, nonverbally, he or she may no longer be planning a future with you or they not think you will be a part of their future.

  • The intimacy you once shared is almost gone or nonexistent. Your partner used to kiss you, caress you, and seemed genuinely interested in the things that made you feel good. However, when he/she is falling out of love with you they are no longer interested in doing things to enhance the relationship, rather, they are only interested in their own sexual gratification.

  • He/she no longer communicates their feelings to you, they no longer tell you how they feel about you, that they love you. When you attempt to ask them why they no longer tell you that they love you they either blow you off or pretend “it is in your head”, insisting they tell you all the time.

  • When you go out together, he/she does not show you any affection, professing they do not like PDA, when one time they enjoyed kissing you or holding your hand in public. This shift in behavior suggests your partner may have his or her eye on someone else and does not want anyone else to know they are in a relationship.

  • He/she you to introduce you to all of their friends, however, they seemed to have made new friends and will not introduce you to these friends. This is important as partners that are in love typically like to include their partner in their friendships with others, at the very least introduce them to friends and family.

  • He/she chooses activities that exclude you. When a partner is still invested in the relationship, they will try to select activities that would allow the other partner to be included, to be a part of. However, when partners are falling out of love, they will engage in activities that prevent or limit their partner from participating, e.g., decreasing the time they spend together.

For those of us that have been in a relationship that didn’t last, you probably conducted a self- reflection on the relationship after it ended and realized there were signs your partner was no longer in love with you. The reason most people in a failing relationship do not see the signs includes unwillingness to accept the love that once existed is diminishing or no longer there, or they are unwilling to confront the issues in the relationship, electing to be “blindsided” that relationship has ended.

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