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Relationship Types: 10 Types

For many of us in pursuit of love and happiness, we often find ourselves kissing a considerable number of frogs along the way. With every frog, we encounter, we assume we getting closer to our prince or princess. In a world filled with billions of people it is rare but not impossible to find true love on the first try. Relationships, like most things in life can be very complicated. Relationships require the same amount of commitment, dedication, time, and intensity as would require to make his or her career dreams come true.

Successful relationships consist of mutual respect, good communication, emotional availability and connectedness, compatibility, honesty, kindness, openness, acceptance, sexual attraction, love, and healthy boundaries. Relationships that involve a considerable imbalance will succumb to multiple challenges and conflicts during the course of the relationship. Just like every person is different and unique, so are relationships. There are several different relationship types that partners will find themselves in.

10 Relationship Types:

  • Dominating- One partner controls the other. He or she sets the rules for the relationship.

  • Complementary – Partners complement and support each other dreams, desires, and pursuits.

  • Codependent – One or both partners cannot function effectively without the other. Partners that are codependent will often feel inadequate or uncertain when it comes to decision making when their partner is not around.

  • Rebound- Partners on the rebound are those that have not given themselves sufficient time between relationships to process their feelings or the prior breakup. People involved in rebound relationships typically rush into a relationship to avoid dealing with the pain from their previous relationship.

  • Toxic- Toxic relationships are those that have a mutual attraction and sexual chemistry, but lack the support, morals, empathy, opinions, etc., that each partner’s need. The relationship seems to bring out the worst qualities of each partner.

  • Strictly sexual- Partners have amazing sexual chemistry, however, do not seem to function well in other areas of the relationship. Consider relationships to that of a house, in order to be a happy home partners must get along, complement, and support each other in every room of the home, not just one. After all, you must leave the bedroom at some point.

  • Presentation- This type of couple looks good visually, however, when you get closer to the painting you see many cracks, harsh lines, and things being in places they shouldn’t be. This couple puts on a good face, but there is not substance behind the picture.

  • Emotional affair – This relationship typically includes one person or both being in another committed relationship, yet they develop an intimate connection with someone other than their partner.

  • Trophy girlfriend/trophy boyfriend – Persons involved in this type of relationship are more impressed by what other are thinking about the relationship, i.e., beautiful girlfriend or handsome boyfriend that others seem to fawn over, or being with someone rich, famous, or powerful because of how you think it makes you look.

  • For the moment- For the moment relationships are temporary, partners are just enjoying the company of the other, they are having fun. Partners do not want or have a desire to build a relationship together.

Most relationships begin with a spark, an undeniable chemistry, yet like most sparks they soon blow themselves out. Maintaining the spark in a relationship requires work and commitment. Simply loving someone will not ensure the survival of the relationship, relationships require care, nurturance, and a mutual respect. Partners must invest in the relationship equally, or it will not be sustainable. Relationship sparks are best maintained by incorporating, compassion, empathy, nurturance, respect, validation, openness, and honesty throughout your relationship.

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