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5 Key Benefits of Mediation During Divorce

Unfortunately, some marriages do not grow, flourish or succeed leading to divorce. The end of a marriage can be an extremely difficult process for a lot of former couples. However, it is not uncommon for some soon to be ex partners to experience a sense of relief once they have decided to divorce. Surprisingly, even partners who chooses to leave the marriage may experience a wide range of emotions and intense feelings that can be extremely painful or difficult to deal with. The negative emotions experienced can include grief, guilt, anger, confusion, resentment, fear, shame, and anxiety. If children are involved, the stress level within a divorcing family is likely to be exacerbated by the process of the divorce.

Couples may seek counseling and therapy services both before or during a divorce. Therapy sought before initiating a divorce is usually done to help partners identify, resolve, and accept whether or not their relationship is salvageable. Therapy is typically done to help partners decide whether to stay in a marriage or leave. Others may seek therapy or counseling to make the transition from being married to being single as smooth and painless as possible. It may come as a surprise for some people but not most, between 40 and 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. That being said, there are many reasons why married couples choose to end their marriage which may include but are not limited to infidelity, poor communication, discrepancies in child rearing, failure to fully commit to the relationship, marrying for reasons other than love, physical/emotional abuse, alcohol/drug addictions, unrealistic assumptions about marriage, etc.

Once partners are in the process of divorce emotional stress and confusion can escalate. When a marriage ends, it can often be emotionally traumatic for both partners as well as the children involved. In order to cope with the process of uncoupling, and creating a new relationship dynamic a couple who is divorcing may choose to begin therapy. Working with a therapist can provide an objective and rational perspective allowing former couples to identify and build the necessary skills to work through the difficulties of the divorce. The process of divorce can exacerbate pre-existing mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, etc.

5 key Benefits of Mediation During a Divorce Include:

  • Accepting and coping with the end of the marital relationship

  • Healthier transition from married life to single life or single parenthood.

  • Reduction in the cost of a divorce as couples resolve their marital issues themselves which can be lengthy and financially exhausting when the court is involved.

  • Mediation services can set guidelines to ensure that the divorce is achieved with minimal hostility and emotional damage.

  • Mediation can help divorcing couples consumed with their own negative feelings about the divorce process focus on the implications and potential emotional impact their behavior and interaction with the other oaret can have on their children.

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