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Taking a Leap of Faith

For some of us we know what we would like to do with our life from the moment we are able to understand the meaning of job and career. For many others, career options, visions for the future, and life purpose may not be as obvious. Some of us go through a litany of endless, meaningless, and dead-end jobs before identifying, connecting, and defining our purpose in life. It is not uncommon for some people to strive for purpose or identify hidden dreams as a result of past failed attempts or experiences. Some people who have experienced multiple failures, engaged in dead-end careers with no prospect of improving, typically serve as a motivating factor to make changes in one’s life, i.e., try something new or something that has not been working. Leaping out on faith requires not only a commitment, but strength and perseverance to endure both the triumphs and failures that come along with it. One cannot make a leap without accepting both the good and the bad as neither of them exist in a vacuum.

One of the many things you need to consider before making the decision to pursue your dreams should include; is this something I can truly commit to, is it possible your current job can connect you to your future dreams. The reality is not every dream requires you to leave employment for it to be achieved, it may simply require adjustments, i.e., going from full time to part-time, seeking another position within the organization, etc. Those interested in making the leap must be physically, emotionally, financially, and psychologically ready to make the changes needed to live out their dreams. Also answering questions regarding how living out your dreams will change your life and your circumstances. As yourself is this more than a temporary high or excitement, can I truly make a living, or fulfill my purpose by chasing my dream, etc.

If you are still struggling with what to do to ensure your own happiness here are a few things to consider:

  • Am I living my life’s purpose. Am I living for myself or something or someone else.

  • Am I afraid to confront the unknown. Am I afraid to step out on faith because I am afraid of failure.

  • Are you acting impulsively or have you been struggling with the issue of pursuing another purpose for an extended period of time.

  • Do you feel chronically frustrated and confined in your current job?

  • Do you envision yourself fulfilling a different role, a greater role?

  • Has it become difficult for you to think about your future? Do you avoid thinking about your future?

  • Do you harbor feelings and thoughts of failure? Consider this, is it possible you have already failed because you never tried?

  • Are you letting your age be the dominating factor in your reasons for staying in a dead-end job? If so, be reminded time is not something we can control, we lose time every second, minute, hour, day, month, and year. No one has the ability to slow or halt time, therefore if you truly want something it is worthwhile to pursue it.

  • Ask yourself can you accept your decision to stay dissatisfied and stagnate in your current job. Are you willing to reflect on your life and not feel like you have missed out on an opportunity or a purpose?

Now with some of your questions addressed and hopefully answered you are in a better position to decide if your dream is worth pursuing, whether it is a passing fantasy or something that could exist long-term. Change is never easy, but acceptance of a life that is not fulfilling is also difficult. Choose which one you are willing to live with, willing to accept in an effort to secure your own happiness. Fear is not uncommon, but identify if your fear has merit or not. If the fears you are having do not contain merit you are encouraged to not only step out own faith, but jump.

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