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Signs She is No Longer Interested in You

Often when a relationship comes to an end one partner is shocked or didn’t see it coming. However, the truth is there were signs possibly for several weeks, or even months that the relationship was no longer meeting the needs of one partner or she was on her way out. Today’s topic will cover the signs that a woman is no longer interested in maintaining a relationship. Tomorrow will cover signs a man is no longer interested in maintaining a relationship.

Here Are a Few Signs to Look for When a Woman is Losing interest in Her Partner and the Relationship:

  • She is no longer as affectionate as she once was. Typically, when a relationship is at its peak a woman will find any excuse to have physical contact with the man she loves, i.e., hugging, cuddling, kissing, caressing, etc. However, when the relationship is going sour she limits physical contact and seems to be ill or in a hurry when her partner tries to touch her.

  • The contents of your relationship, specifically the not so pleasant contents seem to have legs and walks it way to your mutual friends and her family members. When a woman wants to maintain a relationship with the good, the bad, and the ugly she will not disclose the negative or unpleasant aspects of your relationship. However, when she is building up her courage to walk out she will tell all of your relationship details. This behavior is typically done subconsciously in the event she starts to second guess her decision to leave those that know all the bad things in the relationship can reassure her she is making the right decision.

  • She starts to become less reliant on you. In the beginning of a healthy relationship you make decisions together. She also depends on your input for things she assumes that you are good at, like when her car maybe acting up, to fix something around the house, etc. However, when she is losing interest in you she will ask anyone else but you for advice.

  • She is spending more time alone or with friends. She is now trying to get to know herself again, independent of you. What she is really doing is testing the waters so she can get an idea of what life will be like without you. She is trying to figure out if she will be ok with the decision to let both you and the relationship go.

  • She is really cautious or avoids talking about the future entirely. In a happy, healthy relationship partners often fantasize about their future together, making plans regarding how they want to live out their lives together. When she begins to lose interest in you, images of the future you once envisioned become fewer and fewer. Images that remain become distorted or less distinct.

  • Intimacy decreases significantly or becomes like an insurmountable obstacle course that is not worth the challenge. Women losing interest in a man will limit or eliminate opportunities for sexual contact as often as possible. This is typically done because the connection has been lost.

  • You are arguing more and more. Once a woman has begun to question her decision to remain in a relationship with you or if she has already made up her mind to leave she will not hesitate to engage in a heated ongoing conversation with you. Some of this is due in part to her not caring or even wanting you to say “it’s over”. Early in some relationship women typically try to end a relationship before things are said that can never be unsaid, but those that no longer care will say whatever they want because there is no fear of the impact of the words.

  • Planning alone. Woman that desire an end to a relationship or see no future in a relationship start to make individual plans without discussing or even disclosing her plans to her partner. This occurs because she is not interested in your input as well as the fact that your input will have no impact on her decision.

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