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Relationship Types

1.What is one of the first questions you ask a potential date?

  • Are you a freak?

  • What do you look for in a woman/man?

  • What do you like to do for fun??

  • How long was your last relationship?

2. Are you concerned with the sexual past of the person you are dating?

  • Yes, because I do not want to date someone has extensive “mileage”?

  • Doesn’t matter to me unless he or she is clean

  • No, I don’t care because I am only interested in sex

  • Not at all, what happened in the past does not concern me

3. Are you the type of person that needs a parachute? Do you have to date more than one person at a time?

  • No, I trust and faith in my choices

  • No, but once I feel the relationship is growing stale I will start looking

  • Yes, I have to make sure if the relationship ends I do not have to look, I already have someone waiting

  • I don’t need backups because I typically juggle more than one man/woman at a time

4. If a person cheated on you what would you do?

  • I don’t care because I was in a relationship with more than one person anyway

  • Forgive them but move on with your life

  • Forgive and decide to work on the relationship

  • Don’t forgive them and harbor resentment from the past

5. When people ask you "what's your type?" what do you say?

  • I don’t have a type, everyone’s different, I'll know When I find It

  • Bad, very sexual, has money, immaculately dressed

  • Smart, doing something with themselves, Independent, etc.

  • Fun, adventurous, cool, exciting, just about anybody

6. What Aspect of A relationship is most important to you?

  • Physical Attraction

  • Understanding/Happiness

  • Communication/Cooperation

  • Money/Excitement

7. What is the best way to end a relationship?

  • Internet/Email

  • Text/Phone

  • Public Place

  • Private

8. When is the best time to say you love your Boy/Girlfriend?

  • Whenever you feel it is true, regardless of timing

  • After they say it, even if you don’t mean it

  • Never, if I do the person I am seeing should know

  • After they say it, and only if I feel they mean it

9. What About Children?

  • A choice made together

  • I don’t want children at all

  • It’s the woman’s choice

  • It’s the man’s choice

10. What type of relationship are you Looking for or in currently?

  • Wifey/Hubby Type

  • Long-Term Type

  • Short-Term Type

  • None, I Would like to stay single

Based upon your individual responses to the above questions you not only get a better idea of the type of relationship you are currently in, if the relationship you are in is ill-suited for you, whether or not you are interested in pursuing a relationship, and some of the qualities you are looking for in a potential mate.

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