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ABC is Easy as 123

Natalie has been in a relationship with Gabriel for 3 years and in those 3 years he has presented himself to be strong, assertive, confident, and self-assured. Gabriel was older than Natalie, so to her he represented stability and respite from the game playing. Everything was going well in their relationship until Natalie realized she hated certain aspects of intimacy with Gabriel. Natalie compared oral play with Gabriel to getting her feet wet while wearing sandals, just a big uncomfortable don't. According to Natalie, she couldn't figure out what Gabriel was doing wrong, knew he was doing something wrong, but questioned how could anyone get something like oral play wrong. Vowing not to let this "little thing" interfere with her relationship, Natalie decided to avoid this area at all costs. Thinking that Natalie "too shy" to express her sexual needs and desires Gabriel proceeded full steam ahead! Gabriel's relentless pursuit to "please" Natalie and her sudden movement resulted in a head injury for Gabriel thereby ending their evening. Fearing she was scaring Gabriel away Natalie decide to get advice from the only person she thought could help, her co-coworker often referred to as "Slutty Connie".

After many discussions and classes from Connie, Natalie took her suggestion to encourage Gabriel to spell out the alphabet using his tongue. Feeling confident and assured by Connie this would be the cure all to her problems Natalie decides to make a game of it with Gabriel. Withholding her true reason for the "game" Natalie asked Gabriel to spell out a letter with his tongue and she would guess. After multiple failed attempts to guess the right letter, and feeling let down by the advice given to her by Connie, she made up her mind to fake it, when she heard a loud chomp, followed by a surge of pain.

Have you or do you know someone like Natalie? What are your thoughts and suggestions surrounding what Natalie or Gabriel could have done to improve their intimate relationship?

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