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The Agony of The Feet

A few years ago I met a couple that was expressing problems in their marriage. Initially I was told the problems stem from sexual incompatibility, but later learned the issues ran a lot deeper, nothing was what it seemed. Patricia complained about the lack of true intimacy in the marriage, being unable to deeply hug or kiss her husband without hearing grunting noises and a demand for sex. Jack insisted his desire for sex was an attempt to connect with Patricia, explore fantasies, and charter new territory. Jack wanted to explore the fantasies he had hidden from Patricia for several years, he wanted to disclose to her his fetish for smelly feet and soiled nylons. According to Jack his wife was a "neat freak", unable to let herself go with true abandon.

After much discussion and pleading from Jack, Patricia agreed to re-wear the same pantyhose for several days without washing them. Patricia wore the pantyhose for five days, agreeing to explore her husbands sexual fantasies. A date night was planned for Friday evening after both spouses were done with work. After an anxious meal the spouses returned to their home for a night of role play and fantasy. Jack being very excited about his fantasy "coming true" began to remove his wife soiled nylons, becoming more and more excited. Patricia unable to become aroused because the nylons were now uncomfortable and smelly could not get in the mood. Jack proceeded to have sex with his wife, becoming so excited he began to gently rub the soiled pantyhose across his wife's face in a seductive manner. Patricia becoming immediately disgusted and nauseated ended the night resentful, angry, and embarrassed.

Was Patricia wrong for ending the night early? Did Jack do something wrong? What are your thoughts about this fetish and how this evening could have been salvaged?

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