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Do you have to Manicure your Lawn

A few years ago I worked with a woman who was adamantly against mowing her lawn, or using purchasing store bought female products because she believed the human body has self-cleansing properties. I support all individual choice to determine what is best for their person and personal style. That being said Anabel, my coworker arrived to work in a very foul mood, complaining she had just had a fight with her boyfriend. Not wanting to upset Anabel any further my coworkers and I decided to avoid all conversations pertaining to men and relationships. Anabel seemingly feeling ignored decided she wanted some support and advice from her friends and co-workers. She began to describe her recent fight with her boyfriend, insisting he was inappropriately staring at other women, and pressuring her to mow her lawn. To clarify, Anabel expressed not wanting to be "chained to her razor", feeling freedom not having to "subscribe to societies idea of beauty and femininity". Unfortunately, Anabel's boyfriend did not support her views on society, sexuality, and femininity. Dan expressed distaste at women who weren't clean shaven, used perfume, and wore make-up. The confusion for me stemmed from Dan's year long relationship with Anabel, who represented all the things Dan insists he was not attracted to.

Anabel disclosed to our little group things came to a boiling point when she told Dan she had a yeast infection. You are probably thinking why would Dan become so upset with Anabel having a yeast infection as this is something that can occur in men as well. Yeast infections can be associated with tight clothing, a reaction to soaps, perfumes, medications, etc., they so not have to result from promiscuity or cheating. The explanation I received from Anabel regarding Dan's reaction completely took me by surprise, he was upset because of the method she used to treat the yeast infection. According to Anabel she read online, how to treat Yeast infections naturally, she decided the best way to treat the infection was to insert a clove of garlic tied with a string, resembling the methods of a tampon inside her vagina. Anabel also does not believe in wearing underwear as she perceives them to be restrictive. It was an extremely hot summer, and the couple was having dinner with Dan's parents when his parents began complaining about a weird smell. Dan and Anabel's views on hygiene, femininity, and worldviews soon created a significant rift in their relationship that caused them to part ways.

What are your thoughts about personal hygiene and relationships?

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