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The Story behind Love, Family & FMCG
Dr. Tarra Bates-Duford
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I started this blog in an effort to both share and receive feedback about the many wonderful splendors and nuances of dating, relationships, and love
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Hi my name is Tarra Bates-Duford a forensic psychologists specializing in familial dysfunctions, a Marriage, Couples, and Relationship Therapist, and a Certified Relationship expert.  I am really excited to open up a conversation about Love, Family, & FMCG . Too often we are afraid, embarrassed, or uncertain where we should go to get dating/relationship advice, ask questions about sexuality, or sexual dysfunctions. After many years of working in the area of families, dating, and relationships I decided to create a blog which would allow others to share their experiences, stories (both good and bad), and talk about things once considered taboo. 

Love, Family, & FMCG also addresses mental illness and mood disorders as it relates to dating and relationships. We strive to open the dialogue that can promote positive, healthy communication. We believe in the power of relationships and connectedness. Be a part of the movement to build and enhance healthy relationships!

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